Falling Through the Cracks: My Son's Battle with Schizophrenia Part III


This three-part article was written exclusively for Schizophrenic.com by Elise Amiet, a member of SupportGroups.com. Elise Amiet become an outspoken advocate for better health care options for schizophrenics after the death of her son, Damon.

In this article, she discusses her family's struggle to deal with Damon's schizophrenia, the inadequate health care he received, and what she hopes people will learn from her story.

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These brilliant people received commendations for their breakthroughs, but unfortunately we continue to ignore those who suffer silently and have no means to make their light shine. Each and every one of you who is struggling with schizophrenia has battled harder and stronger than the average person. Know that you have depth and understanding that most cannot people could not fathom.

Don't Lose Hope

If you, as a schizophrenic, feel that you have nothing to offer the world, or that you are merely a burden to your loved ones, realize that you are wrong. It is people like you, like my son Damon, who show the rest of the world what it is really like to be human, because you feel unlike anyone else.

As a community, those of us who care or know, someone who suffers from schizophrenia, we need to stand up as a united front and speak for our loved one who are afraid to voice their own opinions and concerns. Our health care system has huge cracks in it, and they need to be filled. Far too many good people are becoming lost in the void of a discriminatory society. Mental illness is no different from any other illness and yet it continues to be ignored and swept aside as a public nuisance.

Helping Others

I wish that I had made the time to connect my son through these support groups that I've joined, and then perhaps he may not have felt so alone in this harsh world. My heart goes out to all those that suffer, and the people that try to support them, it is not an easy road. I do however ask that anyone that reads this story seeks some sort of help or support, because you are all worthy and unique.

RIP Damon Amiet. Aged 25