A Dose of Reality Part 2


This article was written exclusively for Schizophrenic.com by an anonymous user on SupportGroups.com. He discusses his struggle with schizophrenia, how the disorder began, how it affected his life and what he went through to over come it.

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My family insisted on keeping me out of the psychiatric ward and wanted me to be admitted to the rehabilitation area of the hospital. It was there that I met all types of people such as a man who was recovering from an accident that destroyed his spine and girl who suffered from anorexia, whose parents would visit and make her eat cheese and crackers in front of them so that they could make sure she was eating something.

I was completely out of touch with reality and came up with several theories and stories for myself about the people I met and their circumstances. I slept a lot while I was in rehabilitation and was on several different medications, but I slowly began to recover. I spent two weeks in the hospital and by the end I was deemed sufficiently recovered to be released. I then began a difficult journey to recovery and mental fitness.

Life After Hospital Rehabilitaion

My parents found a psychiatrist for me but I did not trust him. I started to think that my parents and the doctor were conspiring to control me so that I could never become an independent person with a good life. While I was recovering I tried a medication which actually caused me to relapsed. This was a turning point for me. I tried to forced my parents to take me out of college but they, along with my doctor, insisted that I stay in school.

Their reasoning was that if I had nothing to do, there would be no structure in my life, I would never graduate and I would become comfortable with doing nothing. I dropped all my courses except for one, but I also began to spend a lot of time just sitting staring at the wall. My sister tells me that in those days if she sat next to me it felt like I was no there at all. My mother and father took shifts spending the night with me in my one bedroom apartment to watch me and help me recover.

Trying to Stay Sane and in School

I still cannot believe it but somehow I got through that semester and passed the class I was taking. After school ended I spent the summer recovering at my parent's home. Recovery was a slow process, the medication really helped and I began to hear the voices less and less. I could actually think again and carry on a conversation. This was a small glimmer of light in the seemingly dark and endless tunnel through which I was passing.

When school started again I was ready for it. I switched majors from Engineering, which was very rigorous and difficult, to Economics which was much easier for me to cope with in my condition. I still remember my graduation. Everyone there was proud of themselves for graduating, but after what my family and I had gone through we had special cause for celebration. That day I could hear my family cheer in the large auditorium as I crossed the stage to receive my diploma and I knew there was no one who deserved to be there more than me.

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